Can we hack self-confidence? The answer is YES.


Studies have shown that 93% of our communication is non-verbal. Of that 93%, 55% is communicated through body language alone: gestures, posture, facial expressions, eye-contact, appearance, and movement.

How We Communicate


the-hashtag-hero-power-poses-graphNice graph, right? But, how can we use this information to our advantage? Clearly, we are communicating far more with our bodies than with our words.




It turns out that the act of taking on a posture of power, even when you don’t feel so confident, can translate into higher levels of testosterone (a confidence hormone) and lower levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) even after holding the pose for just 2 minutes.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy explains this phenomenon in the following Ted Talk:

We now know that our non-verbal communication not only governs how other people think and feel about us, but also how we think and feel about ourselves. Similar experiments have yielded similar results! See the effects in this Positive Thinking episode of Brain Games.

So, what constitutes a Power Pose?

Generally, wide open poses fit into this category, which translates into more powerful traits of assertiveness, confidence, and optimism.

In this #HEROAdventures episode with Movement For Modern Life founder Kat Farrants, teaches us her go-to power pose and shares practical uses that work for her!

When To Strike A Power Pose?

Power poses become very helpful when faced with stressful situations. It allows you a chance to stop, breathe and get into a mode of higher self-confidence. This Business Insider article demonstrates practical uses for work, along with image examples.

What’s Your Power Pose!?

Be someone’s HERO today and share this science with them! The stand they take may surprise you 😉

up, Up and AWAY!


Super Ivi, The Hashtag HERO

Super Ivi

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