Here’s how to use the Mindly app for superior note taking with mind maps.

First up from our new #HEROTech How To’s and App Reviews miniseries. Get to know the Mindly app, one of my top choices for digital note taking. Mind Maps are the bomb diggity. They are yet another dynamic way our brain processes information!

If you favor taking notes the traditional (linear) way we learned in school then you will likely prefer the Evernote app over Mindly.

Contrastly, if you prefer drawing and sketching all of your ideas in a loose structure, then the InkFlow app may be a more comfy choice for you.

If you are somewhere in the middle like me then you will enjoy Mindly and the process of mind mapping ideas with creative freedom and structure.

++++ you’ll probably have the other two apps downloaded anyway for good measure 😉

WHAT ARE YOU USING TO TAKE NOTES!? Let me know in the comments!

If you have a kickass idea for next weeks app review, share the wealth. You guys rock B-)


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