I used to believe good habit building was a product of motivation alone. It wasn’t until I watched this TEDx talk by BJ Fogg and read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, did a true formula for good habit building emerge.

This talk explains the makings of behavior and how to create tiny ones around your big goals so that you achieve winning habits to get you there!

How It Works

  1. Decide on your desired outcome
  2. Pinpoint the behaviors that will get you to your desired outcome
  3. “Shrink” that behavior by making it an ever so tiny adjustment
  4. Take that behavior and do it directly AFTER an already existing behavior that you do at the frequency you want your new habit to take on. In other words: Use THE TINY HABITS FORMULA!
  5. ALWAYS remember to celebrate it!

“After I make coffee, I’m going to wash 1 dish in the sink”.

By the 4th or 5th day I began washing every dish in the sink mainly because once I started with 1 it was pretty easy to wash a few more until eventually, I finished them all! Now, I’m to the point where if I don’t wash every dish, I feel weird like something’s missing. The outcome is that my kitchen is cleaner without me thinking too much about it. And, to celebrate I make sure to drink my coffee with an obscenely huge smile on my face ^_^ (like, WHAM! TAKE THAT DISHES!!!)

The Compound Effect

By Darren Hardy

The Tiny Habit Formula can also work really well with developing morning routines. For example:

“After I wash my face, I will read 1 paragraph of the book I want to finish.”

See how this can easily lead to a daily reading habit AND you finishing the book!? Imagine if you did something like this with practicing meditation or journaling, the list goes on and on!

Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy covers this in great detail. This was one of the few books I wish I’d brought with me when I moved to Berlin. The key to habit forming is to do small things consistently. These small things will then compound and lead you to your desired outcome.

Currently speaking, your habits are already compounding and leading you to outcomes whether you recognize it or not. All of the little things we do day to day play a role in shaping our futures.

Whether its, health, hygiene, relationships, education, work, or even play; with this formula and philosophy, every aspect of our lives has the opportunity to build into the results we want and need. The only thing left to do is start!

Start today and share with me your progress in the comments or on Twitter @TheHashtagHERO

up, Up and AWAY!

Super Ivi, The Hashtag HERO

Super Ivi

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  1. Kerrlene

    I started playing tennis to blow off steam while studying. Now I enjoy being active when I feel stress. Rather than harping on it.

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