“No time like the present!” 

I used to dislike this quote because I often felt like things can sometimes be put off until later. However, the energy behind this mantra sparks a sense of urgency that is needed in order for action to take place. Long story short, I’m learning to like it. I’ve been applying it to my philosophy for an entire week and have gotten SO MUCH DONE: finishing books, recording videos, meeting friends, starting businesses, designing knits, websites, and even launching this blog!

All it took was the choice to be different and embrace the possibility that taking things on (especially things I want) RIGHT NOW is worth the effort. I challenge you to do the same! Focus on what it is you truly want for yourself and achieve it NOW, not later, not in 5 minutes, NOW. Be a #HERO N O W

Super Ivi


  1. It's nice to look at this comment now (almost a year since it was posted) and see how true you are to these words.

    Well done – well doing.

  2. The Hashtag Hero

    Thanks Yaakov! Your support means a lot. There's always more that can be done but you'd be surprised how empowering the "now" can be.

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