Many of you guys have been asking about daily meditation and good habit building, so I set up this live stream Q&A session with meditation expert Eddy Vero! If you missed it on Periscope, NEVER FEAR, its just been uploaded in its entirety on TheHashtagHEROTV.

Eddy Vero has been an expert teacher of Vedic meditation for seven years. His mission is to help people around the world develop a habit of daily meditation. His techniques focus on finding ways to make meditation relevant to our modern day lives.


2:49 How Eddy got into meditation
3:41 “Meditation is like meditation” The after effects of long-term meditative practice
5:04 How often Eddy meditates a day
5:29 What are some resources to help even people who have never meditated before, how to begin a daily habit
7:09 Is there a “best” time to meditate?
8:40 Finding a technique relevant to you
9:58 What is the main importance in meditating daily?
11:17 What helped you to keep the habit when you first started?
12:34 How old he was when he started meditating
13:33 Do you use apps and tech to help you with meditation?
15:03 Is meditation good for busy people?
16:56 Details into Eddy’s personal meditation routine
18:12 How has meditation altered his behavior in the real world?
19:41 What do you like most about meditation?
21:39 What Eddy loves about The Hashtag HERO!

The day I met Eddy, he said something about meditation that really stood out to me.

He mentioned that meditation is a practice of patience and forgiveness. He said throughout our practice we learn to forgive ourselves and be patient with our minds because they often run wild when we are trying to still them. It’s a process of forgiving yourself for having a crazy mind and having the patience to start again without judgment, over and over, and over again. You’re in a constant state of forgiveness.

I’ve heard that meditation involves patience and forgiveness dozens of times but I never really put together an interpretation of how it related to me in my actual practice. I’d always thought of it purely as an abstract context of “Be good to yourself because…well you just should be okay!?”.

But, when he said this it immediately clicked and broadened my perspective on incorporating these virtues more purposefully. Now my internal conversation looks something more like “Hey there mind, were you wandering again? Come on back let’s focus ;-)”.

Eddy lends great insight for thelping people understand the fundamentals of meditation in the most relevant ways. He’s a great teacher with a cool beard and contagious laugh! Definitely get to know him at and on Twitter @veromeditation.

up, Up and AWAY!

Super Ivi, The Hashtag HERO

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