I got to sit down and speak with, Karin Heinzl is the founder of MentorMe Berlin. MentorMe is a mentorship startup designed to help women build careers in humanities and social sciences. In our interview, Karin discusses her inspiration for creating MentorMe, as well as, her current startup growing pains.

From The Start

I met Karin at my first networking event with The Changer earlier this year. I explained to the room that my production partner and I had just moved from New York to Berlin in search of everyday superheroes to promote on our multimedia channels. Karin immediately came our way with explosive enthusiasm. She explained her project and all the ways it would make a positive difference in Berlin. 

At the time she explained that MentorMe was very much in the beginning “idea stages”, and that little by little she was creating her plan to implement it. That was in March. 

Fast forward 8 months later, Karin has successfully launched MentorMe Berlin! Along with her newfound dream team of trusty administrators, MentorMe has been able to gather and match 50 mentor-mentee pairs; completely filling the program for the 2015-2016 season! 


00:33 What inspired Karin to create MentorMe 

1:21 Why the program focuses on helping female students

1:56 How MentorMe finds mentor and mentee participants

2:27 What does the mentor/mentee relationship look like?

3:28 The greatest challenge MentorMe currently faces

4:06 The superpower of MentorMe

4:29 MentorMe’s expansive future plans

4:48 What MentorMe needs to move forward

5:37 How to support MentorMe!

5:58 !!HERO SPITFIRE!! Karin’s favorite hashtag, villain, secret lair and more 😉

Wonder Woman Much?

Since our conversations at The Changer event, I have witnessed Karin grow MentorMe from the ground up. She’s worked exceptionally hard to meet the right people who could take her vision to the next level.  She’s sought coaching from those who understood the nuances of her venture, while also taking risks and having fun along the way. 

I’ve seen her when things were going “right” and when things were going “wrong”. All the while she’s kept a positive attitude and winning energy. To witness what she’s been able to build in the span of 8 months is truly remarkable.

Snapshot from the MentorMe kickoff event
Snapshot from the MentorMe kickoff event

What It Takes

So often we praise results with a complete disregard to the process it took to get there. To be heroes in our everyday lives we must learn praise the process. If we do not find peace on the way to our goals, we most certainly will not find it at our destination.

Karin’s story is one of passion, leadership and hard work! She’s a one woman wonder who isn’t afraid to directly take on the challenges that come her way with winning fortitude. 

Although there is much to be done in terms of funding, I have complete faith that her and the MentorMe team will prevail with flying colors! (pun intended :-P)

Watch our interview to find out more about MentorMe Berlin! If you enjoy the episode please remember to give it a thumbs up on YouTube or leave a comment with your thoughts. 

++++++Meet my mentee, Mitzi!!

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When I heard Berlin was hosting a Heldenmarkt (english translation “Heroes Market”) for sustainable consumption, I thought to myself “There’s no way, this is too good to be true”.

The following day when I won a free ticket courtesy of Fairphone, I was still in denial. I of all people know that heroes are very real, but for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that such a magical market could possibly exist in arms reach.

What would be there? Who would be there? Should I wear a cape!?

So many questions swirled in my brain. I’d glossed over the Heldenmarkt website, still in disbelief.

Did I stumble into some utopian alternate universe? It’d never occurred to me that so many sustainable options could be present under one roof: food, fashion, beauty, home, tech, mobility, and more.

Reality didn’t fully register until I approached this:

Pinch me, Ich bin hier! 

If only.
If only.

If you watched my discombobulated Periscope episode, I’m sure you got a kick out of my awe-stricken disbelief and excitement as we strolled the seemingly endless rows of healthy, sustainable, fair trade items.

I was speechless. Everything was SO FRIGGIN’ COOL!

I’m not a very materialistic person, I almost never buy clothes and spend the majority of my time with digital things. BUT, I have a massive appreciation for the creative ways so many of the companies repurposed and went the extra mile to develop goods for the greater good. Its amazing. 

The Faves

Is this the future?

Options upon options of fair and sustainable goods? Well, its technically the present! If we continue on this trend there’ll be a day when our shopping can lead to positive effects to the environment and human rights.

Until then, keep creating, keep collaborating and keep choosing to live the most heroically.  Stop looking because we are the change.

The Heldenmarkt will be making its way to Hamburg and Munich next! Visit to find out more.

Follow The Periscope Adventures! @TheHashtagHERO
Follow The Periscope Adventures! @TheHashtagHERO

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PS: Check out The True Cost documentary to get a sense of how our buying choices can better the unfairness within the fashion industry. 

We had a special Periscope live stream question and answer session with Periscope guru and 6-figure business coach Dana Garrison.

Dana is the creator of the popular online community Periscope Love Tribe, a resource and support group that helps people to grow their following and meet others with common interests…FAST! 

As a business coach, she helps entrepreneurs break through their 6-figure ceiling by determining the limiting subconscious beliefs that get in the way of their success.

What holds us back

Ever hear the saying “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”? In my experience, its what we don’t know that can actually hurt us the most!

Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

— C.G. Jung
Follow Dana on Periscope & Twitter! @DanaGarrison
Follow Dana on Periscope & Twitter! @DanaGarrison

Dana’s story is proof of this principle.

After coming down with a chronic illness that doctors could not diagnose, Dana decided to do thorough research on her own. It wasn’t until she learned that approximately 90% of what shows up in our lives is governed by our unconscious habits and patterns, was she able to develop the framework to not only cure her cognitive illness but also create a 6 figure business coaching practice in 9 months.


1:00 What is Periscope Love Tribe? How does it work and how to join?
2:30 How To Use Love Tribe to grow your following, increase engagement and have a great time!
3:50 How Periscope compares to the other social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter
5:18 How Dana was able to become a 6-figure business coach
7:19 Dana explains her family entanglements and childhood imprints methods
7:40 Dana’s two secrets sauces that helped her reach the next level in her business
8:31 Dana’s greatest “aha” moment and how she deals with negative thoughts
10:07 Dana’s advice specifically for young entrepreneurs
12:27 Dana’s arch enemies!
13:51 Book recommendations
15:34 Quotes to live by! Dana’s #HEROICPhilosophies
17:05 Dana’s favorite mentors and authors
18:06 Where to find Dana!

Its all love

I love following Dana on Periscope. I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of Periscope Love Tribe and to see it grow exponentially in a short amount of time. Her online movement is built on positivity and communal support. Not to mention her scopes are incredibly informative, useful and full of energy! She puts a lot of thought and effort into her broadcasts which keeps everyone coming back. If you are a current or aspiring business owner I highly recommend you follow her!

Follow me on Periscope! @TheHashtagHERO
Follow me on Periscope! @TheHashtagHERO

Thanks everyone who tuned in for the live show, your participation made this post possible!

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Scott Bolden, alongside the local communities of Berlin are creating a larger-than-life organic indoor treehouse space as a hub for sustainable development. 

After hosting Europe’s largest sustainability festival, Emergent Berlin, founders Scott Bolden and Karen Wohlert continue to push the boundaries of sustainable solutions with Das Baumhaus (translation: The Treehouse) project.


The Inspiration 

With a background in sustainable design, Scott saw the pillar at the center of the vacant space in Wedding, Berlin as an opportunity to create something organic and treelike. 

Where most designers would attempt to hide or remove the pillar, Scott sought to bring attention to it through spectacle:

“We hope to design a space that’s Gaudi meets Avatar meets Lord of The Rings.”  – Scott Bolden

The Community

Throughout the week progress is made as people from all over the city arrive at Gerichtstrasse 23 to help build the space! 

The Impact

The expansive Das Baumhaus initiative aims to create a ripple effect of sustainable subcultures around the world; quite literally and figuratively from the ground up.  

The core of our unsustainability ecologically and economically comes from human behavior. From us! Because we’re the ones who create the systems.

What we hope to do is be able to show that local communities can come together and solve their problems. . . . We hope to inspire other people to create their own places for meaningful engagement.” -Scott Bolden  

While there is still much more work to be done for Das Baumhaus, the space often hosts a variety of workshops and weekly local farm food-shares, demonstrating the founders’ strong community values and commitment to taking action NOW.


Room To Grow

The construction of Das Baumhaus remains an ongoing project with many ways to get involved! To become an active part of their network:

  • VISIT/HELP BUILD Das Baumhaus

Thursdays, 5PM-7PM , Gerichtstr. 23 front building, 13347 Berlin, Germany

  • SUPPORT their upcoming crownd funding campaign for Das Baumhaus on

  • Follow Das Baumhaus on Social Media and Twitter @Baumhausberlin

For more information and daily happenings visit



What I find most heroic about Das Baumhaus initiative is their dedication for taking action NOW.

During our conversations it was clear that Scott Bolden is someone very adamant about “getting things done”.

Rather than merely talking about sustainability issues, they are acting on sustainability issues. 

Rather than completing the treehouse themselves and hosting projects later, they are involving others in the process everyday and hosting projects now. 

So often we find excuses to wait for resources before making a change when in reality it can work even better the other way around. Das Baumhaus is proof of that and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to help this tree continue to grow.


Getting a call from a giant organic zucchini #winning @TheHashtagHERO
Getting a call from a giant organic zucchini #winning @TheHashtagHERO

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PS: You may want to check out our amazing coverage of Emergent Berlin Sustainability Festival here!

Introducing our new miniseries!

Its no secret that superheroes are incredibly productive people. As an everyday superhero in today’s society I can attribute much of my productive superpowers to the assistance of mobile apps. 

How I get tasks done so quickly? A mobile app.

How I arrive places just in the knick of time? An app

How I automate and outsource tasks? Apps on apps on apps

If done correctly apps can be the ultimate sidekick to LIFE. 

There are so many people who shy away from apps and technology because they think its too complicated or not worth the time. I’m here to tell you it DOES NOT have to be complicated and is far worth the time because you will be saving much more in the long run. 

I want to show you guys all the apps that have been working wonders for me + a few of the ones that promised more than they delivered. NO MORE EXCUSES we are going to step our productivity game up together!!

And as a sidebar I sincerely hope this content will inspire some future leading ladies in tech ^_^

Leave a comment or tweet @TheHashtagHERO to tell me about your all-time favorite apps! Your contribution could be our next show topic.

Follow The Adventures! @TheHashtagHERO
Follow The Adventures! @TheHashtagHERO

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SPECIAL THANKS TO: for supporth through syndication and collective girl power + our fierce sparkly sponsor MessQueen New York

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”

In this interview, I Skyped in from Berlin to Brooklyn with Elayne Fluker, founder of

We chatted about the misconceptions of women of color in the media today and how her website is an everlasting effort to challenge it.

With a focus on user generated content, Elayne is currently open to a variety of video content submissions from around the world!

I don’t have to tell your story, or the media, or television, or news channels don’t have to tell your story. You tell your story.

— Elayne Fluker, Founder of Chic Rebellion

Needless to say, looks forward to hearing from our everyday superhero community.


00:28 What is the network all about?
1:11 What is the misconception about women of color in media today?
3:52 Elayne’s personal heroes
4:44 Elayne’s worst enemy
5:10 A great book to check out about perseverance through resistance
5:32 Elayne’s epic goal
5:58 How to submit your content to Chic Rebellion TV
6:50 How Chic Rebellion will promote your work
7:06 How to have your crowd funding campaign supported by Chic Rebellion
7:45 Advice to take the world by storm!!
8:57 HERO Spitfire + other fun shenanigans 😉 

More adventures @TheHashtagHERO!
More adventures @TheHashtagHERO!

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…in a good way.

Scream! William C Clyde Photography.
Scream! William C Clyde Photography.

Like most everyday superheroes, there are times when we might feel inadequate in some way. 

I know, it happens to all of us. Seriously, over 90% of the people I’ve interviewed say that their worst enemy is most often themselves.

Most of the time there will be a little voice in your subconscious mind trying to break through and say “You’re not good enough” or “Hahaha! No, you can’t”. This is your inner worst enemy coming in loud and clear.  

A great distinction between a #VICTIM mentality versus a #HERO mentality is this:

VICTIMS talk about their problems. Ex: “This is hard, I can’t do this because xyz!”

HEROES talk at their problems. Ex: “This is a challenge, but this won’t break me because xyz!”

Think about it. While victims complain and choose to feel helpless, heroes accept the issue and choose to feel powerful. Subconsciously, this makes a HUGE difference in overall confidence and productivity. 

A great resource that works for me when combating victim-like thoughts, is this excerpt from the book What To Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter. 

This is a passage that whenever I read it, a new “favorite” line emerges. Today’s fave: 

“I have a lot of energy – I am very alive!” 

Now, of course you don’t necessarily have to physically scream at yourself. Figure out what works for you! I encourage you to use your internal dialogue for you rather than against you. Win those battles between your inner worst enemy!

What to Say When you Talk To Yourself


By Shad Helmstetter

Winning The Battles Between Your Inner Worst Enemy.  Daniel A Joseph Photography
Winning The Battles Between Your Inner Worst Enemy.  Daniel A Joseph Photography

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Emergent Berlin Fest is the city’s largest sustainability themed festival

Taking place this Saturday, September 12th and Sunday September 13th, Emergent Berlin Fest promises to bring sustainable change to its local neighborhood of Wedding, Berlin at large and alternatively the world. 

Sprawling across Wedding’s Gerichtstrasse, among 10 stunning locations will be a curated program of various presentations, workshops, discussions, including, musical performances, film screenings, and a party! 


Baumhaus Berlin future plans
Baumhaus Berlin future plans

Emergent Berlin Fest has been brought to life by Das Baumhaus Initiative, who’s mission is to build a whimsical indoor treehouse where neighbors, local change makers and organizations can meet to collaborate in growing sustainable urban culture. 

Emergent Berlin Fest

LOCATION: Gerichtstr. 23, 13347 Wedding, Berlin


Day 1: Emergent Berlin 

Brings together change makers from Berlin and beyond.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

ALL DAY starting at 11AM

Entrance 3 – 8 € Suggested Donation

Day 2: Emergent Wedding 

Focuses more on the local neighborhood bringing together people and projects from Wedding. 

Sunday, September 13


Entrance Free

What new ideas, initiatives, cooperations and actions for more sustainable urban lifestyles are currently emerging in our neighborhood and in Berlin? 

What can emerge, if those come together on one weekend?

What practical actionable steps can we take as individuals and together as a community to make Berlin a better place?

The Emergent Berlin Festival is our opportunity to get involved and become a big part of the answers. The event organizers are passionate, community-oriented professionals who want nothing more than to cultivate sustainable development from the ground up.

Follow The Adventures @TheHashtagHERO
Follow The Adventures @TheHashtagHERO

We’re proud to be covering such an incredible event and hope to see you there too!

More on Emergent Berlin Fest

Emergent Berlin Fest Facebook Event Page

More on Baumhaus Berlin 

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We’re huge fans of Berlin’s creative party scene. From adventures with early morning yoga-infused raves to a now blooming tribute party event scene! 

Saturday September 5th will be the first of a series of new tribute parties entitled “For The Love Of…”  to celebrate legendary artists from the music industry’s past and present. 

Kicking off the first of the events will be “For The Love Of… Aaliyah” 

“For The Love Of… “ soirees will consists of DJ sessions and live showcases celebrating the love for music and paying homage to some of the greatest legends the music industry has brought forth.

This past August marks the 14th year since the legendary R&B songstress passed away. For the event organizers, this event series is not only preserving the work of some of the music industry’s unmatched artists but is also a means to bring the local community together in appreciation and creative collaboration. 

For The Love Of…Aaliyah


Saturday, 5th of September 2015     10PM

AMANO Grand Central – Apartment Bar
Heidestr. 62
Am Hauptbahnhof


Live Performance by Kedi Mina (Berlin)
Carla Du Riche (Berlin/Zürich)
Andrea Rosen (Tel Aviv/Philadelphia)
DJ San Gabriel (Berlin)

Live Painting – airbrush on canvas and clothes by TOONS
Anthony Toons (Los Angeles/Berlin)


Door by Tolga DEAN

Hosted by Carla Durisch, Mo Maureen, & Gabriel Tichauer

As a choreographer and 90’s kid, Aaliyah was an early hero to me growing up. She was effortlessly cool, confident and often had the best dance sequences in her videos. I appreciate this event series for the fact that although Aaliyah may not be here to create original work anymore, this opens the door for all those inspired to get involved and creative; keeping her spirit alive and bringing something new!

Who should the next “For The Love Of…” party celebrate next!?

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Niko Woischnik, the creator of Tech Open Air, Europe’s leading technology festival speaks with us! 

After our whirlwind adventures at Tech Open Air, it was only right that we speak to the amazing festival creator himself! Niko Woischnik took some moments to speak with us on what it was like creating Europe’s leading technology festival from the ground up! (watch now)

Niko Woischnik & Super Ivi pose 007 style! Instagram @TheHashtagHERO
Niko Woischnik & Super Ivi pose 007 style! Instagram @TheHashtagHERO

What You’ll Find: 

  • Niko shares his experience in creating TOA from the early days to now.
  • Where he thinks technology is headed.
  • The inside scoop on the future of Tech Open Air!



  • Key Takeaways on the future of technology 
  • Favorite Talks and Memorable Conversations from Tech Open Air
  • Tips to help YOU attend Tech Open Air festival in Berlin next year

up, Up and AWAY!

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