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I used to believe good habit building was a product of motivation alone. It wasn’t until I watched this TEDx talk by BJ Fogg and read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, did a true formula for good habit building emerge.

This talk explains the makings of behavior and how to create tiny ones around your big goals so that you achieve winning habits to get you there!

How It Works

  1. Decide on your desired outcome
  2. Pinpoint the behaviors that will get you to your desired outcome
  3. “Shrink” that behavior by making it an ever so tiny adjustment
  4. Take that behavior and do it directly AFTER an already existing behavior that you do at the frequency you want your new habit to take on. In other words: Use THE TINY HABITS FORMULA!
  5. ALWAYS remember to celebrate it!

“After I make coffee, I’m going to wash 1 dish in the sink”.

By the 4th or 5th day I began washing every dish in the sink mainly because once I started with 1 it was pretty easy to wash a few more until eventually, I finished them all! Now, I’m to the point where if I don’t wash every dish, I feel weird like something’s missing. The outcome is that my kitchen is cleaner without me thinking too much about it. And, to celebrate I make sure to drink my coffee with an obscenely huge smile on my face ^_^ (like, WHAM! TAKE THAT DISHES!!!)

The Compound Effect

By Darren Hardy

The Tiny Habit Formula can also work really well with developing morning routines. For example:

“After I wash my face, I will read 1 paragraph of the book I want to finish.”

See how this can easily lead to a daily reading habit AND you finishing the book!? Imagine if you did something like this with practicing meditation or journaling, the list goes on and on!

Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy covers this in great detail. This was one of the few books I wish I’d brought with me when I moved to Berlin. The key to habit forming is to do small things consistently. These small things will then compound and lead you to your desired outcome.

Currently speaking, your habits are already compounding and leading you to outcomes whether you recognize it or not. All of the little things we do day to day play a role in shaping our futures.

Whether its, health, hygiene, relationships, education, work, or even play; with this formula and philosophy, every aspect of our lives has the opportunity to build into the results we want and need. The only thing left to do is start!

Start today and share with me your progress in the comments or on Twitter @TheHashtagHERO

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Many of you guys have been asking about daily meditation and good habit building, so I set up this live stream Q&A session with meditation expert Eddy Vero! If you missed it on Periscope, NEVER FEAR, its just been uploaded in its entirety on TheHashtagHEROTV.

Eddy Vero has been an expert teacher of Vedic meditation for seven years. His mission is to help people around the world develop a habit of daily meditation. His techniques focus on finding ways to make meditation relevant to our modern day lives.


2:49 How Eddy got into meditation
3:41 “Meditation is like meditation” The after effects of long-term meditative practice
5:04 How often Eddy meditates a day
5:29 What are some resources to help even people who have never meditated before, how to begin a daily habit
7:09 Is there a “best” time to meditate?
8:40 Finding a technique relevant to you
9:58 What is the main importance in meditating daily?
11:17 What helped you to keep the habit when you first started?
12:34 How old he was when he started meditating
13:33 Do you use apps and tech to help you with meditation?
15:03 Is meditation good for busy people?
16:56 Details into Eddy’s personal meditation routine
18:12 How has meditation altered his behavior in the real world?
19:41 What do you like most about meditation?
21:39 What Eddy loves about The Hashtag HERO!

The day I met Eddy, he said something about meditation that really stood out to me.

He mentioned that meditation is a practice of patience and forgiveness. He said throughout our practice we learn to forgive ourselves and be patient with our minds because they often run wild when we are trying to still them. It’s a process of forgiving yourself for having a crazy mind and having the patience to start again without judgment, over and over, and over again. You’re in a constant state of forgiveness.

I’ve heard that meditation involves patience and forgiveness dozens of times but I never really put together an interpretation of how it related to me in my actual practice. I’d always thought of it purely as an abstract context of “Be good to yourself because…well you just should be okay!?”.

But, when he said this it immediately clicked and broadened my perspective on incorporating these virtues more purposefully. Now my internal conversation looks something more like “Hey there mind, were you wandering again? Come on back let’s focus ;-)”.

Eddy lends great insight for thelping people understand the fundamentals of meditation in the most relevant ways. He’s a great teacher with a cool beard and contagious laugh! Definitely get to know him at and on Twitter @veromeditation.

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Here’s how to use the Mindly app for superior note taking with mind maps.

First up from our new #HEROTech How To’s and App Reviews miniseries. Get to know the Mindly app, one of my top choices for digital note taking. Mind Maps are the bomb diggity. They are yet another dynamic way our brain processes information!

If you favor taking notes the traditional (linear) way we learned in school then you will likely prefer the Evernote app over Mindly.

Contrastly, if you prefer drawing and sketching all of your ideas in a loose structure, then the InkFlow app may be a more comfy choice for you.

If you are somewhere in the middle like me then you will enjoy Mindly and the process of mind mapping ideas with creative freedom and structure.

++++ you’ll probably have the other two apps downloaded anyway for good measure 😉

WHAT ARE YOU USING TO TAKE NOTES!? Let me know in the comments!

If you have a kickass idea for next weeks app review, share the wealth. You guys rock B-)


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Can we hack self-confidence? The answer is YES.


Studies have shown that 93% of our communication is non-verbal. Of that 93%, 55% is communicated through body language alone: gestures, posture, facial expressions, eye-contact, appearance, and movement.

How We Communicate


the-hashtag-hero-power-poses-graphNice graph, right? But, how can we use this information to our advantage? Clearly, we are communicating far more with our bodies than with our words.




It turns out that the act of taking on a posture of power, even when you don’t feel so confident, can translate into higher levels of testosterone (a confidence hormone) and lower levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) even after holding the pose for just 2 minutes.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy explains this phenomenon in the following Ted Talk:

We now know that our non-verbal communication not only governs how other people think and feel about us, but also how we think and feel about ourselves. Similar experiments have yielded similar results! See the effects in this Positive Thinking episode of Brain Games.

So, what constitutes a Power Pose?

Generally, wide open poses fit into this category, which translates into more powerful traits of assertiveness, confidence, and optimism.

In this #HEROAdventures episode with Movement For Modern Life founder Kat Farrants, teaches us her go-to power pose and shares practical uses that work for her!

When To Strike A Power Pose?

Power poses become very helpful when faced with stressful situations. It allows you a chance to stop, breathe and get into a mode of higher self-confidence. This Business Insider article demonstrates practical uses for work, along with image examples.

What’s Your Power Pose!?

Be someone’s HERO today and share this science with them! The stand they take may surprise you 😉

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I had the opportunity to interview the author of one of my favorite books of all time! 

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, has seriously transformed my life. Trust me, I don’t use the word ‘transformed’ loosely. Never in my wildest dreams (pun intended) did I ever see myself becoming a morning person overnight (more puns :P). All jokes aside, if you’ve ever wanted to start your days feeling at the top of your game, or simply wake up earlier and actually LIKE IT, then this book is absolutely for you.

@TheHashtagHERO meets @HalElrod! @TheHashtagHERO meets @HalElrod!

Hal is an exceptional business man, family man, and motivational coach. I was both humbled and ecstatic to have the chance to talk to the author who started it all. All the way from my headquarters in Berlin, we were able to conduct a video interview via Skype! It is my sincerest hope that this interview provide the utmost value to your life and that the principles in the book spring you into action, as they did for me.

|||||||||||||||QUICK WATCH OVERVIEW|||||||||||||||

(WATCH THE WHOLE THING but if you’re the on-the-go this timeline can help)

4:205:12 The Jim Rohn quote that changed everything for Hal during the darkest time of his life. 

5:436:38 6 key principles of The Miracle Morning.

6:507:16 “I already know that” vs “Am I living that?”

7:409:00 Hal’s extraordinary results after having his first Miracle Morning.

10:50 How to create high impact affirmations that spring you into action for achieving goals.

15:38 The superpower of The Miracle Morning and why it works. 

16:32 Hal’s greatest breakthrough during his morning routine.

19:45 The horrific accident that changed the course of Hal’s life. How he was able to bounce back in flying colors.

24:15 The 5 Minute Rule to get you past difficult situations. 

25:18 The most effective ways to use positive thinking. 


What did you think of this video? What were your greatest takeaways?

Liking (giving this video a thumbs up) on Youtube, is THE BEST WAY for you to let us know that we’re doing a great job in developing content. WE WANT TO KNOW!

I love discussion and answering questions/comments so please don’t be shy. Sharing has always been caring 😉

My greatest takeaway from this experience is to challenge your fears and don’t be afraid to reach out to your heroes! Chances are they’re waiting to hear from you <3


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PS: Here’s a link to Hal’s Achieve Your Goals Podcast. It’s great to listen to back to back.

Ecosia is essentially the reason I quit using Google search and haven’t looked back.



Okay, maybe I look back every now and again but for the most part, I’ve completely ditched Google search in exchange for Ecosia search.

Here’s Why

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees. Ecosia’s tree planting streamline allows you to help world reforestation by surfing the web as you normally would.

No complicated set ups. No campaigns. No donating.

Just searching.

Is it too good to be true? How does one do so much good in the world whilst sitting upon ones arse, scouring the web for this week’s trending Drake memes?

The answer is simple: Mo’ Money Mo’ Trees

Ecosia donates 80% of their surplus ad revenue to a robust tree planting program with WeForest and Entrepreneurs Without Borders. You know those ads that appear at the top of your search results?

Ecosia-the-hashtag-heroEvery time someone clicks on them Ecosia earns money (which you can transparently see here). You do the searching and they do the planting, it’s that simple.

Slactivism and Cause Shaming

Critics of Ecosia accuse them of encouraging “Slacktivism”, as if to say doing good in the world must always require actual blood, sweat, tears, and checkbooks in order to be valid.

Slacktivism = the lazy man’s activism.

I beg to differ. I think this type of involvement is what’s wanted and needed today. It takes a stroke of genius to take a human behavior that people will inevitably be doing anyway and develop a seamless way to tangibly solve a global problem.

Is that not what sustainability is all about? 

Problems are growing faster than we know how to fix them. Why condemn those that create new systems and the advocates that allow them to work? That in itself is counterintuitive.

In addition, the trees must still be planted, there is sweat there, money must go to the organizations, there’s a checkbook there; without the “slackers” the rest of the system would never work.

I see Slacktivism as a means to an end when it comes to what I like to call cause shaming.


I’m sure you have been around or experienced cause shaming first hand at some point in your life.

Here’s a common example:

Do-Gooder: “Hey I really like X charity, I’ve been giving to them for over a year. They help people in Y country do Z amazing thing =D! Want to get in involved?”

Potential Do-Gooder: “X charity? Why not help the people right here in your own back yard!? We have Y problems here in this country. No thanks”

Do-Gooder: “Um….okay?”

Cause Shaming.

Snapshot in Ecosia headquarters in Berlin. #HEROInterviews episode coming next week to The Hashtag HERO TV! Snapshot in Ecosia headquarters in Berlin. #HEROInterviews episode coming next week to The Hashtag HERO TV!

If people want to do good, why not let them do good however they see fit? The worst is when someone cause shames while they themselves do very little for anyone other than themselves.

I see cause shaming as another excuse, a reason to justify doing less as opposed to more. Sorry not sorry but ain’t no body got time fo’ dat.

Heroic people do what needs to be done and keep it moving. While everyone else is bickering about what’s most important we’ve already made multiple steps toward solving multiple problems.

I have ZERO shame when I tell people I’ve so far helped to plant 160+ trees thanks to Ecosia. If someone has a problem with it I’ll tell them to take a hike in the forest I’ve just created in Burkina Faso.

Your Defining Moment

What do you stand to gain by helping google accrue millions in revenue? An overpriced, over exclusive Google Glass creation?


Ecosia currently plants approximately 1 tree every 13 seconds. Can you imagine the impact we could have if every time someone “Googled” something they used Ecosia instead? 

STOP and really think about that.

Deforestation accounts for 6-17% of global CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

CO2 levels are higher than they’ve ever been, exceeding the safe zone permanently never to return in our lifetime.

Every year we deforest 6% of the world’s trees while we reforest only 1.5%. Ecosia aims to increase the reforestation percentage. They’ve so far planted just over 3 Million trees toward an ambitious goal of 1 Billion by the year 2020.

What’s it going to take?

It’s going to take users caring enough to take the time to install a free browser plugin. That’s what you can do right here, right now.

It’s going to take you telling your friends how incredibly cool you are for ditching Google.

It’s going to take man, woman and child power on multiple devices.

This is what it takes to be a part of the solution.

Do you have what it takes?

Assuming you’re reading this post from a wifi connection of sorts I’m going to venture to say that you have everything it takes.

Replace your default search engine to Ecosia by clicking here. It’s quick, painless and will do good far beyond your digital world.

Not to mention the browser extension icon is just adorable!

Tweet me a screenshot of your Ecosia tree count with the hashtag #HeroesUseEcosia to enter to win in our upcoming giveaway! Follow me @TheHashtagHERO on Periscope & Twitter for more details.

At the Ecosia headquarters in Berlin with Jacey (Head of PR)! Follow the adventures @TheHashtagHERO At the Ecosia headquarters in Berlin with Jacey (Head of PR)! Follow the adventures @TheHashtagHERO

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The creators of the famed Five Minute Journal are at it again with their latest invention, the Productivity Planner.

The Productivity Planner


Packed with productivity hacks that successful people have used throughout history, the Productivity Planner is designed specifically to help you build new habits to build focus and long-term health.

What To Expect

  • Quote of the Day – To inspire you to seize the day.
  • Most Important Task of the Day (MIT) – The heartbeat of the Productivity Planner. You will focus on accomplishing your long term big wins, not merely keeping busy.
  • Pomodoro Time Tracking – This is where the magic happens. Distractions will soon be a thing of the past as you learn to manage your time efficiently using short Pomodoro single task work sessions.
  • Important Tasks apart from the Most Important Task of the Day
  • Space for Notes – Ideas, future tasks, inspiration, etc.
  • Productivity Score – A daily productivity score to learn about your work patterns and become more effective over time.

Get A Free PDF Of The Full Productivity Planner!

Share the Kickstarter Campaign and you will receive a quick-start guide to the Productivity Planner now and the full FREE PDF of the planner once the campaign expires on November 11th, 2015 8PM EST.

Get free pdf – only for a limited time!

Plans For My Planner

I’ve tried to “go paperless” more times than I can count. I find that I work best with a physical paper bound planner when it comes to scheduling my day to day & week to week tasks. I’m also an avid user of the Pomodoro Technique and am really quite excited to fill in the prompts the planner will provide.


What techniques work for you? Let me know in the comments.

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I got to sit down and speak with, Karin Heinzl is the founder of MentorMe Berlin. MentorMe is a mentorship startup designed to help women build careers in humanities and social sciences. In our interview, Karin discusses her inspiration for creating MentorMe, as well as, her current startup growing pains.

From The Start

I met Karin at my first networking event with The Changer earlier this year. I explained to the room that my production partner and I had just moved from New York to Berlin in search of everyday superheroes to promote on our multimedia channels. Karin immediately came our way with explosive enthusiasm. She explained her project and all the ways it would make a positive difference in Berlin. 

At the time she explained that MentorMe was very much in the beginning “idea stages”, and that little by little she was creating her plan to implement it. That was in March. 

Fast forward 8 months later, Karin has successfully launched MentorMe Berlin! Along with her newfound dream team of trusty administrators, MentorMe has been able to gather and match 50 mentor-mentee pairs; completely filling the program for the 2015-2016 season! 


00:33 What inspired Karin to create MentorMe 

1:21 Why the program focuses on helping female students

1:56 How MentorMe finds mentor and mentee participants

2:27 What does the mentor/mentee relationship look like?

3:28 The greatest challenge MentorMe currently faces

4:06 The superpower of MentorMe

4:29 MentorMe’s expansive future plans

4:48 What MentorMe needs to move forward

5:37 How to support MentorMe!

5:58 !!HERO SPITFIRE!! Karin’s favorite hashtag, villain, secret lair and more 😉

Wonder Woman Much?

Since our conversations at The Changer event, I have witnessed Karin grow MentorMe from the ground up. She’s worked exceptionally hard to meet the right people who could take her vision to the next level.  She’s sought coaching from those who understood the nuances of her venture, while also taking risks and having fun along the way. 

I’ve seen her when things were going “right” and when things were going “wrong”. All the while she’s kept a positive attitude and winning energy. To witness what she’s been able to build in the span of 8 months is truly remarkable.

Snapshot from the MentorMe kickoff event
Snapshot from the MentorMe kickoff event

What It Takes

So often we praise results with a complete disregard to the process it took to get there. To be heroes in our everyday lives we must learn praise the process. If we do not find peace on the way to our goals, we most certainly will not find it at our destination.

Karin’s story is one of passion, leadership and hard work! She’s a one woman wonder who isn’t afraid to directly take on the challenges that come her way with winning fortitude. 

Although there is much to be done in terms of funding, I have complete faith that her and the MentorMe team will prevail with flying colors! (pun intended :-P)

Watch our interview to find out more about MentorMe Berlin! If you enjoy the episode please remember to give it a thumbs up on YouTube or leave a comment with your thoughts. 

++++++Meet my mentee, Mitzi!!

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When I heard Berlin was hosting a Heldenmarkt (english translation “Heroes Market”) for sustainable consumption, I thought to myself “There’s no way, this is too good to be true”.

The following day when I won a free ticket courtesy of Fairphone, I was still in denial. I of all people know that heroes are very real, but for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that such a magical market could possibly exist in arms reach.

What would be there? Who would be there? Should I wear a cape!?

So many questions swirled in my brain. I’d glossed over the Heldenmarkt website, still in disbelief.

Did I stumble into some utopian alternate universe? It’d never occurred to me that so many sustainable options could be present under one roof: food, fashion, beauty, home, tech, mobility, and more.

Reality didn’t fully register until I approached this:

Pinch me, Ich bin hier! 

If only.
If only.

If you watched my discombobulated Periscope episode, I’m sure you got a kick out of my awe-stricken disbelief and excitement as we strolled the seemingly endless rows of healthy, sustainable, fair trade items.

I was speechless. Everything was SO FRIGGIN’ COOL!

I’m not a very materialistic person, I almost never buy clothes and spend the majority of my time with digital things. BUT, I have a massive appreciation for the creative ways so many of the companies repurposed and went the extra mile to develop goods for the greater good. Its amazing. 

The Faves

Is this the future?

Options upon options of fair and sustainable goods? Well, its technically the present! If we continue on this trend there’ll be a day when our shopping can lead to positive effects to the environment and human rights.

Until then, keep creating, keep collaborating and keep choosing to live the most heroically.  Stop looking because we are the change.

The Heldenmarkt will be making its way to Hamburg and Munich next! Visit to find out more.

Follow The Periscope Adventures! @TheHashtagHERO
Follow The Periscope Adventures! @TheHashtagHERO

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PS: Check out The True Cost documentary to get a sense of how our buying choices can better the unfairness within the fashion industry. 

We had a special Periscope live stream question and answer session with Periscope guru and 6-figure business coach Dana Garrison.

Dana is the creator of the popular online community Periscope Love Tribe, a resource and support group that helps people to grow their following and meet others with common interests…FAST! 

As a business coach, she helps entrepreneurs break through their 6-figure ceiling by determining the limiting subconscious beliefs that get in the way of their success.

What holds us back

Ever hear the saying “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”? In my experience, its what we don’t know that can actually hurt us the most!

Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

— C.G. Jung
Follow Dana on Periscope & Twitter! @DanaGarrison
Follow Dana on Periscope & Twitter! @DanaGarrison

Dana’s story is proof of this principle.

After coming down with a chronic illness that doctors could not diagnose, Dana decided to do thorough research on her own. It wasn’t until she learned that approximately 90% of what shows up in our lives is governed by our unconscious habits and patterns, was she able to develop the framework to not only cure her cognitive illness but also create a 6 figure business coaching practice in 9 months.


1:00 What is Periscope Love Tribe? How does it work and how to join?
2:30 How To Use Love Tribe to grow your following, increase engagement and have a great time!
3:50 How Periscope compares to the other social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter
5:18 How Dana was able to become a 6-figure business coach
7:19 Dana explains her family entanglements and childhood imprints methods
7:40 Dana’s two secrets sauces that helped her reach the next level in her business
8:31 Dana’s greatest “aha” moment and how she deals with negative thoughts
10:07 Dana’s advice specifically for young entrepreneurs
12:27 Dana’s arch enemies!
13:51 Book recommendations
15:34 Quotes to live by! Dana’s #HEROICPhilosophies
17:05 Dana’s favorite mentors and authors
18:06 Where to find Dana!

Its all love

I love following Dana on Periscope. I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of Periscope Love Tribe and to see it grow exponentially in a short amount of time. Her online movement is built on positivity and communal support. Not to mention her scopes are incredibly informative, useful and full of energy! She puts a lot of thought and effort into her broadcasts which keeps everyone coming back. If you are a current or aspiring business owner I highly recommend you follow her!

Follow me on Periscope! @TheHashtagHERO
Follow me on Periscope! @TheHashtagHERO

Thanks everyone who tuned in for the live show, your participation made this post possible!

 Who should we interview next? Tweet me @TheHashtagHERO

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