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Super Ivi here! I’m a lifestyle blogger, YouTuber and everyday superhero, committed to helping you improve your life and your world.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and am now based in Berlin, Germany. I host and speak at international events, and create content on your favorite social media channels to help you take inspired action toward living your greatest life + creating your own unique social impact. 

By now you’re probably wondering “Whaaaat? How did you get into all of this?”

Well, get ready for a story my friend!

Here’s why I chose to become @TheHashtagHERO.

My Origin Story

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to live an exciting life that left a positive impact in the world. How or what that would be was a mystery but the intention was there. Instead of sweatin’ it, I simply spent my energy developing my passions: dance, reading, writing, entrepreneurship, and later social media.

In high school, I’d share random life stories on blog platforms of social media’s past – Sconex, Myspace, and Blogger to name a few – mostly for fun and not to garner any readership in particular. I began traveling as a teenager with my family and on school trips abroad. When I returned classmates would ask “Why don’t you start a travel blog!? That would be fun and inspiring.” I thought it was a cool idea but had the feeling that I could communicate more. I wanted to create something about living an extraordinary life as a whole and connecting people; travel was just one aspect of that.

Stumped as to what that could look like, I left the idea in the back of my mind and continued with life as usual.


I remember vividly the moment when I woke up from a dreamlike-state in my bunk bed in Brooklyn. When in the dark of the night the name “The Hashtag HERO” barrelled through my consciousness and I sprung up from where I was, said it out loud, and promptly wrote it down as if my life depended on it. Looking back now, I realize in so many ways that it did.

That was Part I


Part II of my origin story is a little different.

While I’d love to sit here and tell you a happy-go-lucky story as to what actually sprung me into launching The Hashtag HERO, the truth of the matter is that it came from a very dark occurrence.

For years I’ve shied away from telling this part of the story. Normally, I’d leave it at Part I and skip to the amazing things happening in the here and now, focusing all of my energy on forwarding motion. I saw it as the “noble thing” to do as I don’t like to dwell on occurrences of the past especially painful ones. However, time has allowed me to see that by omitting the darkness, I weaken the transformative power my story can have on others.

So here goes.

I was walking home from Brooklyn College one the late afternoon. I had just heard the news of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. A young man about my age at the time had shot and killed more than a dozen school children and faculty members before committing suicide at the scene. Having grown up in Brooklyn my entire life, I’d seen and heard of many violent atrocities but this was by far the worst. As I walked across campus it was all I could overhear people talking about. I’d felt a wave of inexplicable emotions. It was a shock to my system, a jolt of excruciating pain throughout my body like a strike of lightning.

Lightheaded and nearly nauseous, I struggled to unscramble my thoughts and pay attention to where I was going.  

While I had been having a wonderful time that afternoon, pursuing my creative passions, laughing with friends, the polar opposite had been taking place just over an hour away from where I was. To think that those children would never have the chance to pursue their destiny and through no fault of their own. It wasn’t fair. I didn’t even know these children and yet it hurt so much.

The whole thing made me dizzy and profoundly sad, yet at the same time, I felt a sense of oneness.

It made me think about all of us that are still here, that have a chance to live extraordinary lives, but for one reason or another choose to never pursue it. Those kids didn’t have a choice and yet so many of us do but do nothing.

It was in that moment I’d felt a shift. Feeling the warm autumn sun on the side of my cheek, tears welled in my eyes, I said to myself “the world needs a HERO NOW, not later. Not tomorrow, not next week. NOW.”

Something needs to bring together the world’s everyday superheroes – the people who are making positive social impacts in their lives and the world. There needs to be a network that encourages them to collaborate and take things to the next level. I saw that I could use social media as a force for good.

That was the day I first heard the heartbeat of The Hashtag HERO loud and clear. From an elusive thought in the middle of the night to a promise to take action. This was my answer to a worldly atrocity. The cliché truth: this was the change I wanted to see in the world.  

Building spaces on and offline

Since then, I’ve been creating social media content and international events to unite a community of leaders building social impact projects.

If I could inspire people to be the greatest version of themselves and create an environment where they can take action, this, in turn, would lend itself to creating the greater version of our world.

This is the conviction that makes me unstoppable. The reason why I’m able to push past fear time and time again to change my life for the better. It is the pain from that “lightning strike” that propels me to help others do the same. This is why when people choose to hate on me or what I’m doing, I don’t let it keep me down. My purpose is bigger than me and with this knowledge, I’m able to take action day in and day out to help others do the same in the best ways I know how.

Which brings me to you…

If you’ve managed to read this far it’s because something in you is awakened and listening. It’s an indestructible force. That force is the hero that lives in all of us. It’s a place within that is so alive and yet so often has no one else to talk to; that’s where The Hashtag HERO Community comes in!

Here you are not alone. All of the content I produce is created with the sole purpose to inspire you to take action to improve your life and the lives of others.  

It is an ongoing conversation and I encourage you to engage with me on the social media platform of your choice: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, Anchor, SoundCloud and even Pinterest.    

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up, Up and AWAY!

Super Ivi

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