Photo of my 2015 vision board. My cut outs before I glued them in place. Follow The Adventures @TheHashtagHERO On Instagram! Photo of my 2015 vision board. My cut outs before I glued them in place. Follow The Adventures @TheHashtagHERO On Instagram!

At the start of the year I created my first vision board. When I was in high school, I read The Secret, which peaked my interest in creating one. Since then, vision boards have remained an underlying motif in books that I read and successful people that I meet!

Finally, I decided to stop putting it off and create my own. Essentially a vision board is a homemade visual that features imagery that you wish to attract into your life. By constantly reminding yourself of your vision, it is meant to train your subconscious mind to recognize these things as you continue to achieve your goals.

Here Are 5 Tips To Create A Strong Vision Board!

1. Gather ONLY the magazines that speak to your life’s vision

Treat this like you are designing your life to the tee. The last thing you want is to attract irrelevant things. Stick to what you read, but make sure its WHAT YOU REALLY WANT FOR YOUR VISION. Trust me whatever that may be, there is a magazine for it. The magazines I used were: Success, Entrepreneur, Smart Money, BizBash, International Living, and Women’s Health. I stuck to these and did not mix. No Vogue, no Tattoo Mag, no random catalogues; just those.

2. Create sections for the different aspects of your life.

Keep your vision board focused. Some prefer a collage style where everything is mixed. I prefer to devote separate portions of the board to the most important aspects of my life. Family, Career, Lifestyle, Health, and Contribution. Yes, there is overlap between the sections, but you can see that each are distinct and flow from one into the other. This promotes focus and also evenness among the sections aka a balanced life!

3. Make it yours. Put your picture in there!

What better way to see yourself in your vision than to actually see yourself in it! Put some snapshots of you in there living experiences you want to have. Its YOUR vision board, have fun with it and use your imagination. Nothing is out of reach, this is your chance to be honest with yourself and attract what you want. You can see me there at a rooftop party at the Trump Towers in NYC, smiling and chatting with a full glass of champagne. You can also see me on the cover of Success magazine for being an everyday superhero!

4. Placement over permanence

Before I glued everything down, I first placed all of the cut outs in the areas I wanted them. It wasn’t until I got a complete look at the board as a whole, did I begin to glue everything at once. I did this for 2 reasons: 1)  You may need to adjust shapes and sizes, its better to know where it will all go before committing to exact placements. I know the feeling I want to have with the bigger picture, its impossible to be sure of that without placing everything down first. 2) Dealing with cut outs will power you to finish! I know one too many people who started glueing cut outs to their vision board and never finished, simply because they could easily store it after working on it. This all or nothing approach ensures that if you want to have it finished YOU’VE GOT TO GLUE THEM ALL AT ONCE WHEN ITS DONE!

5. Fill the space

Want a full life? Paint a full vision! Fill the empty spaces as much as possible with minimal overlap. You want to be able to distinguish images and words with ease. A flow will begin to unfold as you fill the spaces.

Vision Boards Aren’t Magic

YOU are the magic! Before I moved to Berlin, I referred to my vision board everyday during my miracle morning routine. I used it as a tool to help me clarify the bright future I have ahead and spring me into action to really focus on my goals to make them real.

I had less than a month with my finished vision board before I left for Germany. It was too big to come with me on the plane and I didn’t want to fold it. I thought I might be upset about leaving it, but I actually felt very grounded and satisfied. I was grateful for the time I spent to create it, it was fun to have a DIY project based solely on my personal dreams. Leaving it behind didn’t at all mean my vision would be left behind because my vision follows me everywhere I go. The vision board is a tool for clarity to help you train the subconscious mind to recognize opportunities that align with what you want, the real magic is the effort you put in to bring them to life.

up, Up and AWAY!

Super Ivi, The Hashtag HERO

PS: Great books I recommend on this topic: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Secret by Rhonda Bryne


Super Ivi

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